About Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown is a psychoanalyst and addictions specialist in private practice

  • Provides psychotherapy to CEOs and professionals in finance, startups, aeronautics, medicine, law, IT, and entertainment fields. Provide private supervision to therapists in medicine, psychology, and social work.
  • Office hours in-person near Hudson, NY or remote via tele-video consultations.


Dr. Brown is an American doctor based in New York offering counseling sessions to a worldwide group of patients utilizing his office spaces in Hudson, NY, New York City and online via Skype and FaceTime.
Dr. Brown is a graduate of the Boston Graduate School for Psychoanalysis, the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in Manhattan, New York University School of Social Work and Vassar College in New York. Dr. Brown researched and completed his dissertation through the Boston Graduate School for Psychoanalysis.

New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center
Rockland Psychiatric Center
Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Family Consultation Service of Eastchester

Affiliations & Memberships
Member, Society of Modern Psychoanalysts
Member, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis
Member, National Association of Social Workers
Member, Columbia County Chamber of Commerce
Member, Vassar Alumnae Club

Licensed Psychoanalyst, State of New York, License # 00330-1
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of New York, License # 000330-1